5 mandatory functions of a metal detector that will really earn money.

Good money on the search for precious metals can only be earned with a good metal detector. Just as a car mechanic can’t fix a Mercedes without a good tool, a treasure hunter can’t find a coin without the right equipment.

Each metal has its own «key» — its own setting. Some metals are beaten off even by the cheapest detector, for example, iron, and some only by the most expensive equipment, for example, alloys in coins.

Therefore, if you want to really make money on search, and not just wander around the fields digging out beer caps, you must be able to find all metals in all types of soil, and your metal detector must have several, the most important «keys» at the same time, allowing you to effectively search in any conditions. any alloys.

Quality 1
High price. 90% of all cheap metal detectors, costing up to 10,000 rubles, are suitable only for searching for ferrous metal or, at best, coins in plowed fields. Due to the simplicity of their design, they do not well beat off debris and do not «distinguish» a beer cap, foil or wire from coins and precious metals.

You can earn with such a detector only sciatica (since you have to dig 98% of the garbage). Or you can dig ferrous metal, but for good money you need tons of it.

An expensive metal detector gives not only more opportunities in terms of choosing metals (when there is a metal separation function) for searching, but also allows you to organize additional income by renting out in difficult times. A good detector is always in good demand. Cheap, no one will rent.

Quality 2
Search for coins . This mode allows you to cut off debris in the form of foil and other things. This also allows you not to be distracted by digging unnecessary and to process much larger areas in a single period of time.

Button for turning on the coin search mode on the metal detector Button for turning on the coin search mode for the metal detector

Quality 3.
Pinpoint mode. A mode that allows you to accurately indicate the location of the coin, for example, in a deep hole or excavated earth. Without it, the search for small items will be more laborious. The presence of this mode in a metal detector will speed up the time of finding an object, respectively, it will also allow you to process more areas in one day, without being distracted by the search for what has already been found.

Quality 4.
Geological exploration. An excellent feature that allows you to search for nuggets of almost any metal. Treasure hunters engaged in search, for example, in the Urals, can tell about its effectiveness.

Quality 5.
In modern realities, perhaps the most “profitable” feature that allows you to increase the chances of finding gold finds is the ability to work underwater. Since this function is present mainly on very expensive units, the number of beaches where the bottom under water has not yet been explored by treasure hunters is quite large. Finding a lost chain at the bottom is much more likely than on the beach itself, where the sand is removed every evening and treasure hunters like you walk every morning. SUBSCRIBE

I gave up an expensive metal detector in favor of an even more expensive one.
My additional income on a metal detector for 2500 rubles.

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