Abandoned an expensive metal detector in favor of an even more expensive one: a triple overpayment for a couple of functions

The cheapest metal detector. The cheapest metal detector.

For the second year I have been using the cheapest metal detector, purchased for 2500 rubles on one of the foreign sites. The device is inexpensive, easy to use and quite effective in the search for ferrous metals.

It is perfect as a first metal detector for a beginner and beats metals well at a depth of up to 15-20 centimeters.

During its use, with its help, Soviet watches with gilding and a very weighty mass of metal with a total value of up to 30,000 rubles were found.

The device repeatedly recaptured itself in the search, and also earned quite good money for its owner. However, due to the presence of certain shortcomings, it was shelved in order to replace it with a more expensive, progressive and reliable device.

Expensive metal detector

Cobra metal detector. Photo from the company’s website. Cobra metal detector. Photo from the company’s website.

After a year of operation, I realized that the capabilities of my MD4030 (aka boolatek) are already categorically lacking for me. The list of its settings is so narrow that it is comfortable to search with the detector only for iron, or, at best, non-ferrous metals.

It is also categorically not suitable for searching for jewelry on the beaches, because it “squeaks” equally on both a gold ring and a beer cap, no matter how I set it up (I have to dig too much, a lot).

Moreover, the metal detector often gives false signals, and in cases with small coins, it may not make a sound at all and miss them. A significant drawback is the shortened «stick» whose length is not adjustable. Due to its small size, to engage in treasure hunting in the “Zyu” position is not the most favorable occupation. Especially if your height is above 170cm.

An example of settings and capabilities of a cheap and expensive metal detector. An example of settings and capabilities of a cheap and expensive metal detector.

In general, looking back at the shortcomings of my «MD», I decided to replace it with a more expensive and high-quality product from a German manufacturer — the 250th Cobra.

I took it for a couple of days from a friend for a test, and that’s what I understood in the very first hours of an outing with a metal detector for 10,000 rubles.

Cobra is really better and more convenient than my Chinese. This is manifested in absolutely everything, from the adjustable length of the club, ending with a more comfortable handle.

However, despite the fact that the product is more than three times more expensive than my unit, it does not provide any special advantages in the search. It also beeps equally on the beer cap and on the coin, and has almost the same settings as the «Chinese».

I did not want to overpay three price tags for this, so it was decided to abandon the expensive metal detector in favor of an even more expensive one.

An even more expensive metal detector.

I’ll make a reservation right away, the article is not advertising, so I won’t mention the name of the metal detector that “made” the two previous detectors. Excuse me!

So. When you go from looking for ferrous metal to something more interesting, like looking for coins or gold jewelry. It is extremely important that your metal detector not only be able to give the right signals (detect and distinguish metals), but also cut off debris. Otherwise, you will be like with the Chinese «MD» for 2.5 thousand rubles — digging wire, foil from cigarettes or caps from glass bottles.

Also, it is very important that it has a good coil and the ability to adjust for various types of soil. It would not hurt to have a geological exploration function that allows you to search for nuggets.

Under all these conditions, I was recommended an even more expensive device with a price tag of just over 35,000 rubles. And to be honest, when I tested this device, I realized that this is exactly the metal detector that I need. It has all the above advantages and has a lot of modes, including the coin search mode. All modes are stored in the memory of the on-board computer and are easily switched by pressing a couple of buttons. There is no need to adjust and customize anything like in the “Chinese” with each outing. There is a mode of searching only precious metals or only coins, cutting off foil and corks. There is a search mode only for iron. There is a comfortable handle and a fairly accurate signal for detection.

All in all. Having tested a metal detector of this level, I realized that when choosing a device for searching for coins or gold, you should not save on the device. It is better to give your preference to a more expensive, but still more effective metal detector, which will not force you to dig a beer cork in the «concrete» ground and will not miss even the smallest piece of precious metal. SUBSCRIBE

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