Cleaning silver with aluminum: nothing personal, just chemistry.

I spied one very simple but very effective way to clean jewelry from dirt in a pawnshop.

Having seen the result, I decided to try to repeat the procedure at home, because all that is required to clean silver jewelry, or for example silver coins in this way, is:

  • warm water,
  • salt
  • foil
  • plastic utensils.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that the result really impressed me and having tested this method in action, I realized why it is perhaps the most popular not only in our pawnshops, but also among ordinary Americans (I found a detailed recipe for the mixture only on an English site).

In general, a couple of days ago I managed to peep at a friend’s pawnshop as one of his employees was cleaning silver jewelry with some kind of solution and a piece of foil immersed in it. I found the recipe for how to make a solution on the same day on an English site for jewelers and after reading the reviews I also decided to try this method of cleaning at home.

As it turned out, everything is very easy. We take plastic dishes, put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom (we make a cup of foil into which we will put items for cleaning), pour warm (possibly hot) water and add salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 75-100 grams of water. Next, immerse your jewelry in the resulting solution and wait 15-20 minutes.

Just a few seconds after immersing the silver in the salt solution, you can see how small bubbles begin to emanate from the jewelry. And after 10-15 minutes, while shaking the solution, we will be able to observe the appearance of black lumps of dirt in the water, for example, as shown in the photo above.

At the end of the procedure, we wash the products in a warm vozh and remove the remaining dirt with a brush. If you do everything right, the result will be no worse than mine (image below).

Cross «BEFORE» and «AFTER» cleaning. Cross «BEFORE» and «AFTER» cleaning.

As can be seen from the condition of the silver cross BEFORE and AFTER immersion in the solution, this aluminum cleaning method is very, very effective.

The principle of its operation is simple: when immersed in a saline solution, aluminum in contact with silver forms small impulses of electric current, and also creates a precedent for the formation of a chemical reaction as a result of which sulfur from silver is transferred to aluminum.

In order for the cleaning to be successful, contact between silver and aluminum must be ensured. Instead of salt, on the Russian-speaking Internet, it is recommended to use soda. But as can be judged by the state of the cross after cleaning, salt copes with this task quite well.

Important! Cleaning in this way saves silver from dirt, oxides and plaque. It, like any other, does not return shine — this requires polishing. SUBSCRIBE

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