Details made of pure gold in the electronics of the USSR.

It’s no secret that most radio components contain palladium, silver and even gold. Precious metals are used in electronics in cases where cheaper components are not able to cope with the tasks.

For example, silver is used to protect contacts from oxidation, and palladium and platinum are often used in devices where increased resistance to high temperatures is required (for example, in aircraft recorders and temperature control devices in melting furnaces).

Ceramic Monolithic (CM) capacitors containing palladium and platinum as the ceramic plate insulator. are characterized by high capacity and stable operation when heated. Ceramic Monolithic (CM) capacitors containing palladium and platinum as the ceramic plate insulator. are characterized by high capacity and stable operation when heated.

At the same time, in the overwhelming majority of cases, noble metals are used only as a thin coating and, extremely rarely, can be used to make a solid part of pure gold, silver or palladium.

I already wrote about what parts are made of pure silver and pure palladium. I will post links to these articles below.

Today I would like to talk about details made of gold and where and how much you can find them.

contacts PP3. found in palladium. contacts PP3. found in palladium.

Unlike palladium, an alloy from which, for example, “wire” is made in medical potentiometers, gold is rarely used even in a ligature in electronics.

The difference becomes especially noticeable if we compare this noble metal with silver, from which a truly countless number of parts are made (As an example, contact groups, “hats” in capacitors K52 and IT, as well as patches for contacts even in modern relays).

In the so-called civilian electronics of the USSR, there are very few pure gold parts and it is very difficult to find them. Moreover, the list of such products can be «counted on the fingers.» There are really very few of them.

5MHz 5MHz

From what can be found in sections, these will be separate elements in generator lamps GMI-2B, GMI-5, GMI-42B, GMI-90, GS-36B, GU-43A, GU-72, GU-73, 5MHz and them similar. Also, pure gold is used to make threads in Soviet microcircuits and modern processors for PCs or phones.

The list of Soviet microcircuits in which there is gold is very extensive. However, before you start opening one of these details in search of a precious metal, you should understand that it can only be extracted by means of refining. Therefore, it is much easier to hand over microcircuits containing gold or gold-plated elements for purchase.

Microcircuits with gilding. Microcircuits with gilding.

The list of receiving microcircuits is mainly made up of products of the 565, KR555 and K155 series. The most expensive (or at least one of the most expensive) in acceptance are: K1LB194, KM155TM5, KR590KN2, KR1533IR23, KR565RU1.

In addition to the products listed above, golden hairs can also be found in Soviet and even modern LEDs. In all other cases known to me, gold in radio components will be only as a coating — gilding. However, it is easier to make money on gold-plated parts, since there are more of them and the weight of gold in them is higher.
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