Earnings on radio components.

“You can make money on precious metals in radio components even without experience, tools and any serious investments. I opened a dozen TVs, picked up green KM capacitors containing platinum and palladium, and sold them at an average price of 204,000 rubles a kilogram.

This is exactly what most people who want to take up this hobby believe, but is it really so? Well, let’s try to figure it out and decide whether to try to make money on radio components containing precious metals, especially in retirement, or is it better to do something simpler?

The train hasn’t left yet. The train hasn’t left yet.

Contrary to common misconceptions, it is really possible to make money on radio components in 2020. From my own experience, I will say that this locomotive, although it started off, did not go far and it is still possible to catch up with it. But for this you have to run and make a lot of effort.

It is still quite possible to find precious metals in electronics even in 2020. It is a completely different question that this is not as easy to do as it was a few years ago.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing right away that you should not count on huge incomes, especially for a beginner. There are few details, and there are even fewer precious metals in them.

Now earnings on radio components for pensioners can only be as a hobby that brings a small, but still income.

To understand whether we should be engaged in the search for gold in Soviet technology in retirement, we need to answer just two small questions. Namely: do we like to parse electrical products and are we ready to make every effort to bring it, but not to receive rewards for it. If the answer is “Yes”, you can safely consider this hobby for yourself. But I still recommend reading the article to the end in order to fully understand this issue.

CT-shki with gilding. CT-shki with gilding.

So. If you are retired or just have a lot of free time. We are ready to make efforts to search for and transport radio equipment. Love hard work. You love to disassemble and maybe even repair or restore Soviet electronics, and also, if you are sure that you can find equipment for disassembly. Should you collect radio components containing precious metals to earn money on them? Definitely…NO! And that’s why. For a beginner, especially a retiree, collecting radio components containing palladium, gold or other precious metals cannot be considered as a key source of income.

It is possible and even a beginner can make money on radio components. However, in order to receive at least some more or less tangible income from this, you should have quite a lot of experience and well-established connections, which you will not have for the next 1.5 — 2 years at least.

Even if you have a lot of free time and indomitable perseverance, you will not be able to quickly reach a good income in this business. The reasons are more experienced competitors, lack of access to raw materials, as well as a lack of knowledge of where to look and how much the parts cost.

Collecting radio components is a wonderful hobby that calms, distracts, balances and sometimes even makes money. But it is not correct to consider it as a means of earning money.

However, if you still decide to start collecting radio components, you should follow a few recommendations.

1. Before parsing the product, you should make sure (using the reference book, for example) that it contains precious metals.
2. Precious metals are practically not found in equipment made after 1989.
3. It must be remembered that the finished product always costs more than the raw materials from which it is made. The table is always worth more than the log from which it was made.
4. Before you take something apart, think twice.
5. Do not set the task to earn.
6. Soberly assess the real value of the product and the price of what can be obtained from it.
7. Do it with love.
8. If you can restore the equipment, but you can’t sell it, then it’s better to restore it and donate it.

Red Km with the content of platinum group metals. One of the most expensive. Red Km with the content of platinum group metals. One of the most expensive.

I repeat. If you like to «poking around» in electronics, are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to make an effort, you can start collecting radio components at any age. In addition, from my own experience I will say that the majority of gold miners are people aged 45 to 67 years.

People who will definitely be able to make good money on radio components are, first of all, citizens involved in the repair of equipment. Also, people who have their own transport or citizens associated with the disposal of household waste will be able to earn on the details.
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The radio scrap hunter advised a list of parts on which he earns up to 100,000 rubles per month.

How can a beginner make money on radio components containing precious metals, and what capacitors to collect.

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