Green KM5V: I didn’t even dream that they had so much palladium in them.

For a long time I have been fond of collecting radio components containing precious metals. However, I rarely think about how much palladium is contained, for example, in a kilogram of green H90.

Like any person who is passionate about precious metals, I know the approximate figures, but for some reason I more often focus on the cost of products in the purchase than on technical information or data from reference books.

As one example, green capacitors KM5V . I never wondered why their price is higher. I, of course, understood that they contained more precious metals, but I never tried to figure out how much specifically.

Moreover, outwardly KM5V is no different from other similar capacitors of the “palladium group”. They have the same color, thickness, and dimensions are almost the same as other H90s.

At the same time, their cost is higher, and perhaps the only sign of differences is the designation on the body.

In general, I decided to figure out how much precious metals are contained in the green capacitors of this series and was surprised to find out the real numbers.


Since I am not engaged in refining (purification of precious metals from impurities), I could find out the figures for the content of palladium and platinum in KM5V in only one way — by referring to reference books.

For experienced seekers of the precious metal, the information will not seem like news, but for me the numbers I saw served as a good impetus, I take the choice of buyers of radio components more seriously. As it turned out, the cost of KM5V is higher than that of other palladium capacitors because they contain at least 10% more precious metals per 1 kg of products than in other H90s.

Green KM. Green KM.

In numbers, this means that if in 1 kg. other green CMs contain on average 46.5 grams of palladium and about 2.5 platinum, then in a kilogram of 5V palladium there will already be from 50 to 55 grams ( at a price of 5500 rubles per gram) depending on the size of the capacitor (the smaller the capacitor, the lower percentage of precious metals relative to the total mass of the product).

If we translate this into money, then the cost of a kilogram of green KM5V in the purchase should be at least 30,000 — 50,000 rubles higher than that of the H90 of the general group.

In my case, buyers took such capacitors only 13000r more expensive.

Only when I found out the real content of palladium in these radio components, I was able to suspect something was wrong and tried to find a buyout offering a more sane price tag.

In a new purchase for one kg. 5V I was offered 224,000 rubles, which is almost 48,000 rubles more expensive than other H90s and more than 30,000 rubles more than they gave me in my old buy. SUBSCRIBE

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