How much silver is contained in Soviet military batteries and which of them contain more than 436g.

Earlier we already talked about which models of Soviet gas masks used filters filled with purifying palladium charcoal.

We also found out that during the Soviet era, when creating military equipment, the main task was its maximum efficiency and high reliability. In this regard, it was in this technique that the largest amount of precious metals was used, which was used wherever it allowed to at least slightly increase the reliability or improve the performance of the units.

Battery silver-zinc. Battery silver-zinc.

Batteries are no exception in this case. In their design in Soviet times, silver plates were actively used, which increased the safe storage period of batteries by several years. As in the case of gas masks, where palladium was indispensable for oxygen purification, in batteries, silver became indispensable for creating battery models capable of being stored for long years in conservation.

Moreover, due to design features, as well as limited opportunities for the production of more advanced devices, up to 1.5 kg of pure silver plates could be used in Soviet batteries.

Such volumes of precious metal in Soviet batteries to this day force buyers of radio components to fork out pretty much when buying out Soviet batteries.

Which batteries contain silver.

Silver plates in STs-25 Silver plates in STs-25

The list of Soviet batteries containing silver is very extensive. It consists of several dozens of various models of devices for various purposes, sizes and weights.

To understand in which battery there is silver, it is enough just to know the designations that were installed on batteries of this type.

Accumulators of the USSR with plates made of precious metals (silver) were designated by the initials: STs, STsS, STsB, STsK, STsD, STsDS and STsDM. In general, in all products where the first letter is «C» — silver.

It is also important to understand that the mass of silver in such devices was different and in some cases it could be 15-20 grams, as, for example, in the SDSTsS-3 battery, and in others up to 1249.5 grams — STs250. Therefore, before disassembling or carrying such a product to acceptance, it is recommended to find out in advance the content of precious metals in a particular battery. A list with a mass of silver in the most common models can be viewed below.

How much silver is in specific models.

It should be understood that the smaller the battery, the less silver it contains. So, for example, the STs-1.5 battery contains only 10 grams of noble metal, and its older brother STs-110K is already 549.7 grams more silver.

According to the reference book, the STs-25 (A) battery has about 87.47 grams of silver. SC-300 — about 1056 grams.
There is 63 grams of precious metal in the STsD-12M battery, and the product must be made in 1982, since in other years the mass of silver could change depending on the requirements for the product.

The STsD-70 battery after 1982 contains about 424 grams. STsDS-70 close to them are 30 grams more.
Plates of the STSK-50/0013 battery can contain up to 225 (1980). SUBSCRIBE

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