I buy gold cheaper than other clients.

To learn how to buy gold jewelry cheaper than others, you should know just two simple things.

The first is to understand how the jewelry market in Russia works and how prices for gold accessories are formed depending on the store where they are sold.

And secondly, this is how to apply this knowledge correctly in order to find the cheapest gold.

The Russian precious metal jewelry market is somewhat similar to the Chinese complex electronics market. It works approximately as follows.

There are three main participants in this market. One is a company that owns a patent for a particular design, such as a 16-diamond ring. The second is a store that wants to see such a ring on its shelves, for example, Sunlight or 585 Gold. And the third participant is a factory capable of producing custom jewelry for one of the above customers (Sunlight, 585, etc.).

At the same time, the owner of the so-called decoration patent can give permission for the manufacture of one product to several different stores at once. But with one caveat, depending on the place of sale, the product will have its own differences. For example, a slightly modified form of bartacks or stones of other sizes.

We can see an example of this in almost every jewelry store in Russia, where different stores sell the same jewelry, but under different names.

Example. Rings with the same design from different stores and at different prices. Example. Rings with the same design from different stores and at different prices.

What is the use of this for us, ordinary consumers? Very big. Each store that ordered the production of gold jewelry has the right to set the price for them.

If the factory with which the seller cooperates sets acceptable conditions for ordering production and does not bend the price of his work, then the cost of jewelry in such a store will be an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors.

How to find a place where the decoration will be cheaper? There is a very simple, but a little tricky way.

Since the sellers are not stupid, they give different names to the same jewelry so that it is impossible to find them by name and compare prices through a search in Yandex or Google.

But there is another way how it can be done.

You need to use the Yandex browser to enter the site with the product you like and point the arrow at the photo with the image of, for example, a gold ring with diamonds or gold earrings with topaz, and press the right mouse button.

In the window that opens, select the item «Find an image in Yandex» as it is done in the figure below.

By selecting this item, we will see a list of products that are as similar as possible to our product, from which we can already choose the most affordable ones.

For a specific example, it might look like this.

We found a gold ring with 16 14k gold diamonds in one of the online jewelry stores. Its cost from this seller at the time of this writing is 21990r.

Select an image and search by image.

And now we are already being offered a very similar version of gold jewelry for only 18,402 rubles. That is, 3588 rubles cheaper.

Of course, the characteristics of jewelry from the second store will be slightly different, but if it is important for us to purchase a product of exactly this design, then why not use this trick and get it cheaper.

If this method does not give results, then the decoration can be found not by its name, but by its description. For example, enter the phrase into a search engine: “a ring with 16 diamonds made of gold 585”.

Such a search can become more efficient than, for example, searching by article or model name. As I said above, manufacturers put different names on the same products.

It is important to remember that even seemingly identical gold jewelry can have different indicators, both in terms of quality and weight of gold or the purity and size of precious inserts. Therefore, before buying, always check the characteristics of the products and carefully read the description. SUBSCRIBE

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