Learned how I can help and who can help me.

Once I asked my grandfather what helped them defeat the Nazis. To which he, like a soldier, cut me short and as clearly as possible: «HUMANITY»
I asked him to explain, because at such a young age I still did not understand the full significance and versatility of this definition.

You see, grandfather answered me, humanity is a distinctive Russian gene. Neither the color of the skin, nor the shape of the eyes, and not even faith, but humanity. A Chinese can also be Russian, if this same gene is present in him — the gene of humanity. It is only thanks to humanity that we won, and we will always win, as long as this very simple, but very rare gene is alive in us.

Humanity according to Russians, he continued, is, first of all, the ability for self-sacrifice and for absolutely disinterested help.

Here, for example, I remember, we are sitting in our trenches, the German on one side of the Mius, and I on the other. The sun is so hot that the helmet cracks. To quench his thirst, a German needs to leave his post, which, of course, he cannot do under any laws. So he sits, suffers, loses consciousness or gives up and runs to the stream, where Ivanych is secretly waiting for him with «Mosey» (Mosin’s sniper rifle).

And some aunt from the volunteers of the medical unit dragged me water through all the trenches. She risked no less than the German at the stream, but still she brought it, she was not afraid. And why? Yes, simply because it contains the very gene of humanity, long lost by other peoples. She just felt sorry for me, so she came, risking herself to cheer me up … And after that, how could I not reciprocate her feelings and not stand up to the very victorious one!?

And tell me, granddaughter, which of us then had more chances to win. For “one” German or for me, behind whom stood a Ukrainian, Belarusian, Tatar or, more simply, the Russian people?

https://wearetogether2020.rf https://wearetogether2020.rf

Now, at a time when a global danger has again arisen before our people, I increasingly recall the conversation with my grandfather and, looking around, I understand that the gene of humanity has not yet been eradicated from our hearts!

No matter what anyone says, and no matter how hard overseas ill-wishers try to divide us, our people, despite all the hardships, still remain friendly and capable of absolutely disinterested mutual assistance! Therefore, our people remain invincible, for we are together!

As an example of this, I would like to show you one simple resource where simple people like me, like you, just help each other. People who are absolutely disinterested in resisting the spread of coronavirus infection. Where everyone makes a small contribution, creating something truly great and indestructible. By creating a volunteer center where not only can they help you, but you can help yourself.

I also became a member of this movement, because I know that only when we are together are we a force capable of defeating any adversity, even the coronavirus.

If you are also able to provide all possible assistance or you yourself need advice or any other assistance, you can safely contact this resource, all contacts are in the photo and at the end of the article.

we are together2020.rf we are together2020.rf

Website of the volunteer organization MYVMEST! »
Hotline 8-800-200-34-11

Stay healthy and don’t put yourself in danger. Stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Be healthy.

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