My wife surprised me with her method of buying gold jewelry: it is always profitable and you never regret it.

Always amazed at the attitude of my woman to family spending and personal purchases. She can easily overpay a couple of thousand for the gold she likes, and at the same time she will never buy yogurt if she knows that it costs 8r cheaper in a nearby store.

Many times I tried to understand what logic she is guided by and what she looks at, for example, when choosing or buying gold jewelry. However, often all my attempts were in vain, because this is a woman and her logic cannot be understood by any man.

Moreover, without seeing any patterns or a clear strategy in her actions, I was always surprised at how easily she manages to buy gold at competitive prices and at the same time, always get complete satisfaction from her purchase.

Unlike, for example, me, a person who purchases equipment on the principle of «the best price / quality ratio» and very often does not get any pleasure from owning a product, my wife always manages to buy herself not only a product at the lowest price, but also a product that she is always undeniably happy.

Today, after another gold bracelet was delivered by a courier from one of the online stores, I decided to ask her how she succeeds and how she was able to purchase this piece of jewelry for such little money.

As it turned out, the secret of her success is simple, but at the same time, she is cunning and extraordinary in a feminine way.

Examples of bracelets and chains in gilding. Examples of bracelets and chains in gilding.

If, for example, I need to buy a screwdriver, my algorithm for buying it will be as follows: I select several models that meet my needs and buy the one with the lowest price and good reviews from other users. As a result, I often get, although very reliable, but still not the most convenient product that does not bring pleasure from use.

My wife, on the other hand, uses a completely different tactic when choosing both jewelry and other goods, and at the same time, she is almost always satisfied with the purchase and never overpays for the goods.

Unlike me, she first of all chooses not price and quality, but what she likes the most.

That is, she, like any woman, takes what is dearer to her heart and looking ahead I will say that, in my opinion, this is really the right decision.

The first thing a wife does when choosing jewelry is to take the gold that she really liked, completely excluding any items from the list, even if they are much cheaper (this does not work with yogurt).

She does not choose between two identical gold bracelets, based on who has the stronger lock or brighter gold. She will definitely buy the bracelet that just sunk into her soul, but at the same time, she will definitely buy it at a big discount.

A woman in choosing expensive purchases is like a hunter waiting in ambush for his prey. She first chooses the object of the hunt, and only then, she can wait in ambush for weeks when a discount appears on it or there is a store selling this bracelet much cheaper.

And in my opinion, this is really the right strategy. It is better to buy something that you will use with great pleasure, and that will bring joy to your heart, than to wear a bracelet not to your taste all your life, just because it was cheaper.

The algorithm of its actions is as simple as possible.
1. Choose the product you like.
2. Find a discount on it, or buy at the lowest price via the Internet.

The algorithm of my actions is to choose from several products the one that is cheaper, but no less quality than taxes (often turns out to be less convenient and attractive).

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