The most expensive series of palladium KM: Designations, photos and profitable sorting.

I have long been fond of collecting radio components containing precious metals and have repeatedly handed over green KMs for purchase. However, only with the advent of experience and on the basis of my own mistakes, I learned to do this with a real benefit to the wallet.

So, for example, at the beginning of the journey, out of ignorance, I sold green H90s mainly as a group. Firstly , it was easier this way (it was not necessary to understand the infinite number of series and varieties). And secondly , the price for the general group averaged from 140,000 to 170,000 rubles per kilogram, which, even with small volumes, made it possible to make good money on this.

However, when I learned how to sort them correctly and prepare radio components more carefully, they began to transfer up to 240,000 rubles per kilogram in buying up, for sorted capacitors.

How did I do it? It’s simple, it’s a matter of experience and proper sorting. In buying, no one tells you that you could do this and that. You are simply told how much rubbish, which ones are not accepted and which ones are suitable for surrender.

Only with experience and the ability to sort correctly do you learn to hand over palladium CMs for 20, 40 and even 60 thousand rubles . The main thing is to know which green capacitors are more profitable to rent as a group, and which ones are better to collect separately.

KM 5V. They contain more palladium than analogues. More details below. KM 5V. They contain more palladium than analogues. More details below.

I would like to immediately note that now we are talking about palladium KM capacitors, which include products of the H90 series and the varieties adjacent to them.

The first thing to do if you want to get a higher price for capacitors is to properly prepare them.

Fortunately, this is very easy to do. When cutting KM capacitors from the boards, you should try to cut the “legs” as close as possible to the body of the radio component. Palladium in H90 is contained only in the plates of the capacitor itself, on the legs, unfortunately it is not. Therefore, the longer you leave the conclusions, the greater the percentage of blockage in the purchase you will be exposed to.

Ideally, achieve a length when the conclusions are cut off what is called «under the root». Frameless KM, it is better not to cut, but to solder with a soldering iron.

Green KM5D and other capacitors with palladium and platinum. Green KM5D and other capacitors with palladium and platinum.

But it is less important to know which capacitors contain more palladium, since they are the ones that cost significantly more. For smaller products, the percentage of precious metal content per total mass is lower, so small capacitors can be handed over as a group. They are cheaper and palladium in them per kg. less.

Capacitors of the KM5V series , according to the guide, contain an average of 10 -12% more palladium than other H90 . Therefore, in official purchases for large size KM5V they pay more than for the rest.

KM M1500 (located in the center of the image) KM M1500 (located in the center of the image)

A high price is offered for green capacitors with the designation H90 M1500 . Today, if you hand them over as a group, they will offer about 170,000 rubles for them. However, if sorted, then good buyers offer up to 224,000 rubles per kilogram. The benefit can be about 50,000 rubles

The cheapest (at prices in our buying) are capacitors containing a lower percentage of palladium in relation to the total mass of the product. These include KM5 D 68n , KM5 D and blue KMs until 1965. If you rent them separately, then the price tag will be from 60,000 to 80,000 rubles. However, if you mix them into a common group, you can sell up to 170 thousand per kg. SUBSCRIBE.

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