Who buys old oval speakers from USSR technology and what is their value.

Speakers. Photo from open sources. Speakers. Photo from open sources.

Before quarantine, I handed over gold-plated transistors to one of the buying points at the local radio market. Quite by chance I noticed how a man of 56 years old would drag a very weighty package of old speakers there .

Earlier, I myself repeatedly brought a wide variety of Soviet radio components to this stall for sale. They are bought here for the extraction of precious metals. However, I have never seen and could not even imagine that musical speakers from old technology are also accepted in the same place.

As an inveterate gold miner and just a lover of precious metals, I was puzzled by the question of whether there is something valuable in the old speakers and, if so, at what price they are accepted. In addition, I was also tormented by curiosity about whether there are precious metals in the speakers and whether something valuable can be extracted from them if the product has already failed and cannot be restored.

Returning home, the first thing I did was to study the Internet and all kinds of forums. My first priority was to find out about the presence of precious metals in Soviet speakers.

Since I have long been fond of searching for precious metals in Soviet-made products, I know from my own experience that gold, silver and even platinum can be found both in parts from a TV and from other electronics. Therefore, it is not surprising that silver could also be used in speakers.

KM green, with platinum and palladium. KT315 — orange, have gilding inside. KM green, with platinum and palladium. KT315 — orange, have gilding inside.

Capacitors of the KM series, which are found in almost any color box before 1990, for example, are known for containing palladium or platinum. Although to an unknowing person, they may seem like just a curious trinket. Transistors and microcircuits also have gilding or completely gold «threads», and for example, many Soviet relays are equipped with «heels» of silver of the highest purity.

Therefore, if I found out that in the Soviet speakers from the old «Romance» or «Birch» there are also precious or simply valuable metals, I would not be surprised at all.

However, looking ahead, I will say that speakers containing precious metals , such as gold or silver, are nothing more than a MYTH or, simply put, fiction. There is not a single source confirming the use of precious metals in the manufacture of these products. Moreover, in reference books on precious metals, speakers also do not appear as containing gold, and indeed, according to the «protocol», they do not imply the use of such alloys to ensure their performance.

Contacts are coated with silver to protect them from corrosion, filaments in microcircuits are made of gold to obtain a more stable and reliable signal transmission, and palladium or platinum is used in CM as a lining for the dielectric. Why precious metals may be needed in musical speakers — there is no explanation.

At the same time, many organizations still buy speakers from old equipment.

Again, turning to the Internet for help, I saw some very interesting theories for what they do this. Among them, such as sawing magnets from speakers into thin magnets for souvenirs, and washing zinc and collecting tin, and much more.

In fact, as they explained to me in the buying itself, old speakers are bought only for their further restoration and installation in restored equipment. They are also taken by masters involved in the repair of televisions and radio electronics where there are no special requirements for sound quality.

The speakers themselves are not bought from everyone and not all types. They take mainly those where there is no obvious damage, and have certain diagonals. Some craftsmen come to buy speakers to restore rare musical devices, others simply to replace talking in any garage radio.

The price of speakers in the purchase (subject to all requirements) often depends on their condition and size. But on average, it is double the price of ferrous metal. SUBSCRIBE to know more about making money on radio components. Be healthy!

Parts made of pure palladium in devices of the USSR with a photo and a description of where they are.

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