Why do I recommend collecting radio components containing silver.

The list of radio components containing precious metals is very extensive and immense. It includes hundreds, if not thousands, of all kinds of resistors, thyristor capacitors and other products containing palladium, gold, rhodium and even platinum.

20 tons — the weight of the largest silver nugget

In the photo, the board from the TV is 10 by 7 cm in size. Red «flags» contain 40-48 grams of silver per 1 kg! Tubular, gray capacitors — about 38-42 grams of silver. In the photo, the board from the TV is 10 by 7 cm in size. Red «flags» contain 40-48 grams of silver per 1 kg! Tubular, gray capacitors — about 38-42 grams of silver.

Many of the products, especially those using rare earth or precious metals of the highest price segment, are rarely found in technology in large volumes. Therefore, it is not easy (especially for beginners) to make money on their collection. Their use in electronics is limited, first of all, by the high cost of the metals themselves, as well as the complexity of working with them (many of the precious metals are refractory).

At the same time, details with a silver content are a completely different matter! Their number in Soviet technology is many times greater than the volume of gold-bearing, platinum and palladium components.

This is due to the fact that, in many properties, silver in electronics is able to replace most other noble metals. At the same time, it is much easier to work with it, and the price of the metal itself is several times lower than, for example, that of the same gold.

Silver 999.9 can be cut with a knife.

In connection with this situation in civilian electronics, where it was possible, components with silver were most often used and only in necessary cases with gold or platinum.

Silver is cheaper, but it is many times more. Therefore, if you know what and the most important thing is “where” to look, then sometimes you can earn no less money by collecting silver-plated radio components than by collecting palladium or gold ones.

Pure silver reflects 99% of the light, so it is applied to glass to form a mirror.

For example, PTU-55 TVs contain more than 50 grams of silver, and if we take the average figures for color TVs in the USSR produced before 1989, then they contain about 7 grams of silver per item.

At the same time, it is worth noting that these figures are taken from official reference books and technical documentation for products, which do not take into account radio components with silver-plated contacts, but they are also accepted for sale.

Why is it worth collecting radio components containing silver.

  • Whatever you dismantle, you always end up with a «catch».
  • · It is much easier to collect the minimum volume for buying up.
  • · There are more receiving parts with silvering than non-receiving parts.
  • · Silver is not getting cheaper (at least not enough to make it noticeable).
  • · There are parts made entirely of silver, such as «heels» of contacts or hats in K52 capacitors.

I know that many do not advise collecting items with silver and silver coins. Allegedly, this is not profitable due to the low cost of the metal. However, before listening to such people, just find out how much the silver-plated wire costs, K52 capacitors or a kilogram of “flags” that you can collect from several devices. SUBSCRIBE

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